Our Forever Father


Orphan Sunday has been on my mind for a while, and I’ve been reflecting on our foster adoption journey.

When our girls’ adoptions were finally finalized… well, I can’t express the joy and relief.   What we had felt since their entrance into our home was now official…they were a part of our family!  Biological sisters once again shared a last name and were at no risk of being separated.  Forever brothers finally shared this commonality also, which went alongside the love and commitment they had for these girls for 2-3 years.   It was a beautiful thing. A relief. I felt lighter.

Know what I was tempted to do?   Turn around and NEVER look back!!  I wanted to believe we could go back to “normal” and forget “the system”.

Praise God that He gives the wisdom to recall what was TRULY going on in our family by HIS design and grace. He was developing perseverance and humility.  We were being taught countless things, shedding so many former assumptions and so much sin. He was teaching our boys how to love when it’s difficult.  HE can use crazy hard things to produce some pretty stark eternal results.

We ALL encounter things in our lives that provoke our weary hearts to beg for more of God.  The refinement that follows is something to cling to for dear life.  There is nothing more beautiful than God and HIS gentle yet drastic molding.20150418_115739 God then uses our surrendered lives to reach into places that have tried to hide from Him.  Is it any wonder things are foreign to us there in the darkness?  Is it any wonder that our enemy wants to STOP the healing of the broken?

God uses US – His church – His adopted ones – to reach out and embrace lonely, hurting little ones and make them our people. 

At the same time, He’s working on our own hearts through these little ones. He’s checking to see if there is any wickedness in us so He can remove it. This is how He sanctifies us, not only in Orphan care but also using SO many of life’s experiences: Loss, addiction, illness, moves, changes, children, marriage, jobs.

November is National Adoption Month and the month of Orphan Sunday. I hope you’ll consider how God has been preparing you, perhaps your whole life, to be equipped to care for those He mentions throughout His Word: the Fatherless.  He wants to be their Father and WE can be the ones to introduce new sons and daughters to their Forever Daddy.

-Becky Raver

FB_IMG_1447255316606I have been married to my Ty for 15 years next month.  God has entrusted 5  kiddos to us who we love endlessly.  We’ve been grateful members of Springdale for about 3 years.  Whatever God has led me to in life…being a wife, teacher, mom, advocate… I just pray that in all of it (whatever IT is at any time) I follow our Lord faithfully and love others well for His glory alone.  


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  1. I hope it’s ok for a guy to leave a comment on here. I love the things the women of Springdale are writing. This one I can really identify with. God has been using very difficult circumstances in our lives to reveal sin and point us to our complete dependence on Him, just as you’ve perfectly stated Becky. It’s very encouraging to hear from those who have been through, and are going through, the crucible of Christian life and can see the hand of God at work. Some get discouraged and turn away, but it’s to their own demise. I pray that you, and us, and all the others dealing with great trials will, by only the grace and strength of God, persevere – and even flourish – to the very end. Thanks for sharing your story.

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