When God Uses Chocolate…

photo-1420730614543-e39f93134b0dI was born at Hershey Medical Center. I have loved chocolate ever since. Just last night I was at a girlfriend’s birthday party and after opening a bag of Ferrero Rocher she laughed, “I never liked chocolate until I met Billie. She oozes chocolate.” Okay, I may not ooze chocolate but “Hallelujah for it!” Are you with me?

Since I delivered the sweetest little guy a few weeks ago, sleep is a precious and oft lacking commodity in our house. Noah is precious, and greatly loved, and well… just plain needy. Colic is a reality in our home. Bless you super mommas who’ve trudged this road and survived!

In recent days my thoughts have turned again and again to this note I jotted down five short years ago after the birth of our twin girls:

Lately, I’ve had trouble sleeping at night… partly because I know that in what seems like just a few short minutes I’ll have to wake up to feed the girls; partly because my mind thinks of all the things on my to-do lists. I love lists. I have at least a dozen of them lying around the house. Ideas swim ‘round and ‘round in my head until I write them on paper.

So this afternoon as I thought of all I have to do, and of all the sleep I am losing over all I have to do; I pulled a “Silky photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bdSmooth Milk Chocolate Promise” out of its bag. Dove chocolates come with a message printed on the inside of each blue and gold foil wrapper. I opened one, put the chocolate in my mouth and flattened the wrinkles out of the foil to read the promise: “You don’t have to do everything.” I smiled. This was a message from God.

I know: there will always be dishes to wash, laundry to clean, support to raise, people to thank, lists to tackle… but there will not always be two little babes who need their momma to hold them, and feed them, and want her to snuggle them. I don’t have to do everything, and there is rest in knowing that.”

This season of little hands and feet; lots of running, yelling, and chaos; a million repeated questions; and mounds of endless laundry will pass too quickly. I’m thankful for God’s reminder to “buy up” all the time I can with my family. People are always more important than possessions. Relationships are always more important than personal accomplishments. Praise God for the sweet reminder of His priorities.

Billie Blessing

BillieBlessingBillie Blessing is a graduate of Liberty University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in religion with a concentration in Cross Cultural Studies.   Billie is an international worker with her husband David, and their four children. They serve in partnership with World Venture and Springdale Community Church. Billie enjoys strong coffee and sweet conversations with friends.  She hopes to share her passion for God and experiences serving Him in West Africa. If you would like to be a part of the Blessings ministry and prayer team, you can connect with them at www.blessingafrica.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/blessingafrica


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